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Project 1708

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Dreams matter

This is a very special moment for Ducati, and for me personally. It is the moment in which we invite all our most passionate customers to share something truly unique.

At Ducati, we strive for excellence. Every product we craft is a declaration of our lust for perfection. But none is comparable to Project 1708. In this project, we model the most advanced carbon fibre into futuristic aerodynamic-driven shapes. Here we realize our dreams as engineers, manufacturers and passionate riders.

Project 1708 is a true statement, this is where we draw the line between trying and doing. It is our foremost pioneristic creature. And I am very proud to present you to this private website, where you will be introduced step by step to every aspect of this bike, from the deepest secrets to the most refined details of this masterpiece of engineering and design.

Welcome to Project 1708. Dedicated to all dreamers.

Claudio Domenicali.
Ducati Motor Holding CEO.

A full immersion experience

Project 1708 is not only our most precious production motorbike, it is a totalizing experience that brings you inside Ducati.

You can participate to the exclusive bike preview with Ducati designers and engineers, customize your racing suit look with SuMisura and get access to the world most unique riding experiences with Ducati WSBK and MotoGP prototypes.

Share the privilege

Through this private website you may invite your friends and even book the Project 1708 closed room experience to be the first to see the project in person.

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The making of a dream

Explore our masterpiece from concept to performance. Starting on January 13 2020, we will progressively unlock exclusive contents to present you the making of our most precious project.