New Superleggera V4

Dreams Matter

The new Ducati Superleggera V4 is the best that contemporary motorcycle engineering can express. It is the dream that comes true. The result of the most innovative research on materials dynamics and engineering.

234 HP on 152.2 kg with the racing kit. A stunning power to weight ratio, enhanced by the GP16 aerodynamic design, the most effective ever developed by Ducati Corse.

The exclusiveness of the materials and technical solutions is reflected in the limited number of bikes: just 500, all individually numbered and provided with a certificate of authenticity. The bike ID number (XXX/500), which matches the VIN, is displayed on the frame, fork yoke and ignition key.

A truly unique project that also acts as a demonstrator of the highest Ducati technology level.

998 cc
165 kW (224 hp) @ 15,250 rpm - 174 kW (234 hp) @ 15.500 rpm with full racing exhaust
116 Nm (11.8 kgm) @ 11,750 rpm - 119 Nm (12,0 kgm) @ 11.750 rpm con scarico full-racing
Seat height
835 mm (32.9 in)
Dry weight
159 kg (350 lb) - 152.2 kg (335.5 lb) with racing kit
Data sheet

Speed emotions

More than fifteen track sessions dedicated to the development of this bike have been organized. At each session different mappings were tested, to refine the calibration of dynamics and engine to the point that it was practically impossible to improve it.

Engineering esthetics

Ducati design philosophy is built by subtraction, recognizing the purest style in the in-depth research of essential shapes. Even the aesthetics of color is built with respect for the nature of the elements. And in Superleggera V4 it is possible to distinguish with the Ducati Red the original color of the precious materials that compose it: the different types of carbon, titanium, aluminum.